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August 26, 2004
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My FF RPG Group by iANAR My FF RPG Group by iANAR
This is a very old drawing and coloring of mine. It was during my RPG times in college. Me and my friends played a Final Fantasy RPG game using pen, dice and paper, not the computer version. Here in this artwork, you can see few of the members of the Raging Chocobos Gang, there are more members though, but I didn't show them here.

My character's name is Faust the Cyber-Eyed Black Mage(he's in the center with the flaming hand), beside him is his wife Ressa, (a Non-player character, she's a Grey Mage), at the upper left is my friend Ann's character (forgot the name of her character though), she's a flying Sniper Moogle. In the foreground is a my friend Ray's WereTiger Warrior(I also forgot the name). And finally in the far back, is my character's Noble steed named Demogorgon, An ordinary chocobo, dyed in black to look like a Black Chocobo, he wears a face-mask with voice enhancers, that makes him sound like a Predator. :)
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MissYouQuiteTerribly Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2008
Heh pardon my stupidity but what exactly does rpg mean :?
nowicantlose Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2008
It means Role Playing Game.
Examples of this in video games is Pokemon, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, etc.
Text based RPGs are games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Or it means Rocket Powered Grenade. That's a kind of firearm, like a rocket launcher deal.
He means the above.
MissYouQuiteTerribly Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008
ooh thanks so much =-)
nowicantlose Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008
glad to help :)
sirien-neiris Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2007
At firsth I thing about what RPG did you playd... I don´t know Final fantasy at all, but it´s cool drawing
Lika would be good in this style :heart:
Evertide Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2006   Writer
Nothing like seeing a group of diverse PCs (and their NPC allies)...really brings back memories, that it does. And they look as if they'd indeed be so natural in an actual FF game, which I suppose is just as well given the circumstances. I guess the only thing about this picture I *didn't* like was that chocobo: looks like Darth Vader. Cool choice for a name though. All hail Demogorgon, dual-willed, dual-lived Prince of the Abyss! (25 bonus exp. for those who know what I'm talking about)
rhugs Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2004
really a final fantasy masterpiece.
DRagonka Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
FInal Fantasy !!yaay it's coooool !!!!!! yay for FF :D :D :D
pinturanimimi Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2004
i like the colors.. great job! :D
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